About Us

Shape Films LLC is a privately held company specializing in independently produced fiction films and documentaries, animation, experimental works and short subjects.

The mission of Shape Films LLC is to produce high quality, thought provoking films and create positive influences for our community, despite differences in our language, skin color or religious affiliations.
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Meet the Team

Yuri Shapochka
Producer / Director

From the green steppes of Ukraine to Southern hospitality of Alabama to the warm sun of California, award-winning director Yuri Shapochka has travelled a long way in his artistic career. As a journalist, Yuri produced and directed documentaries for Ukrainian television. He has now combined his experience with a passion for independent film. Films by Yuri include “Clubhouse,” “High Expectations,” “Waiting,” “The Little Theater,” and “Six Blocks Wide.” His films have been shown at the Orlando Film Festival, Director’s Lounge in Berlin, the Maryland Film Festival, Long Island Film Festival, and many others. A dark comedy "Clubhouse," written and directed by Yuri, won “Best Feature” and "Audience Choice" awards at the Intendence Film Festival in Denver, CO.

David Brower

David has the eye of a painter, the calm mindset of a Zen master, and the ability of a chameleon to adapt visual styles to story needs. A photographer from the age of fifteen, he shot miles of film, one frame at a time, before he ever touched a movie camera. David was drawn to film through intense interests in many diverse art forms, and the idea that only film brings them all together so immediately and so well. Moody, emotional, atmospheric and uplifting images are hallmarks of the Brower style. To merge art and technology, film or digital, in a way that evokes a response is his stock in trade. Laughter, tears, fear or longing; your story brought to life in moving images. David's work has garnered local and regional Addys, national Tellys, and innumerable industry specific awards.

Vlad Chistyakov-Goldenberg

Award-winning producer of top-rated TV shows, independent films, documentaries, and music videos, Mr. Chistyakov-Goldenberg is known for his proven abilities in production management and on-budget/on-time deliverables. His expertise in delivering content that resonates with the target audience, as well as progressive experience as a journalist, show runner and executive producer, allowed him to create over hundred sequences and episodes for major broadcasting channels in Europe. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Vlad and his family moved to Los Angeles in late 90's. He holds law, music and cinematography degree. During his career Mr. Chistyakov-Goldenberg has had a pleasure working with numerous stars like Colin Ferrell, Paul Sorvino, Hugh Hefner, Armand Assante, and many others.

Fyodor Krat
Executive Producer

Experienced Executive Producer and development executive for International TV Shows, Film Projects, and Live Events with a track record of breakthrough creative accomplishment. As a President of Kiev International Film Festival (2009-2011), Mr. Krat worked directly with international stars such as Adrien Brody, Mark Dacascos, Armand Assante and many others. Utilizing unique communication, business, and collaborative skills, he leads and inspires others to consistently achieve remarkable results. Most recently Mr. Krat co-produced a full feature film Clubhouse with Tim Abell (Soldier of Fortune, CSI: Miami) and Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy, The Devil's Rejects) which hits the festivals' circle this season.