With the flip of a coin as in life, a different face can suddenly appear: Friend or foe. Hope or despair. Victim or empowered. Robert, a wheelchair-bound Iraq War vet, using his family's magnificent old Southern home for a greater good, soon discovers nefarious plots being made against his life and property. Starring Tim Abell (Soldier of Fortune), Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy, The Devil's Rejects), Dimtri Diatchenko (Chernobyl Diaries). Directed by Yuri Shapochka.

Clubhouse, a revenge play and morality tale, features Shapochka’s characteristic black comedy. Tim Abell, a former US Army Ranger w/ 2/75th Ranger Bn, plays Robert McKenzie, a disabled veteran and hero of the Iraq War, who restores an old clubhouse that was built by his ancestors in an isolated town. The story revolves around efforts by assorted sinister characters to seize control of the century-old mansion from the humble owner. Cinematography by David Brower.


  • Best Feature Award Winner at the Intendence Film Festival
  • Audience Choice Award Winner at the Intendence Film Festival
  • The Award of Excellence in Filmmaking at the Canada International Film Festival
  • Official selection of the Orlando Film Festival
  • Official selection of the Long Island Film Festival

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Behind the Scenes

Production Story

Veteran TV and film actor Tim Abell portrays Robert, the Iraq War vet, in Clubhouse. Abell met Shapochka on the Los Angeles set of the film Cross. It was about a year later when Shapochka sent Abell the Clubhouse script. The actor was impressed: “One thing I liked about the script is that there are scenes that come out of nowhere and are so unexpected.”

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