The stories behind movies

High Expectations, Shapochka's farce of the judicial system, is full of offbeat humor guaranteed to entertain

Adapting visual styles
to story needs

Spectacular lighting and photography by David Brower: emotional, atmospheric, and uplifting images. Laughter, tears, fear or longing, your story brought to life in moving images.

World of Checkov

A story about life and death behind curtains. The film is based on a short classical story by Anton Chekhov. Indie film retells one of Checkov’s stories, "The entrepreneur under the bed", in an adaptation for modern times.

Our Work


Robert, a wheelchair-bound Iraq War vet, using his family's magnificent old Southern home for a greater good, soon discovers nefarious plots being made against his life and property.

Six Blocks Wide

The neighborhood is small, but it is where Faye was born and has lived all her life and where Gran has rocked in peace on her porch and kept the ravelled edges of the world from fraying.

High Expectations

At the end of twenty years of incarceration, as the award for time served, a convict is sentenced to commit a crime. Karl, played by Alik Antselevich, is the forward motion in this intellectually inverted film.


Powerful mob boss Don Bontate finds out his wife and brother are having an affair, and plants the seeds of justice and vengeance. If you reap what you sow, Supper is where you eat it.

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