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Clubhouse, a revenge play and morality tale, features a razor sharp, biting black comedy. With the flip of a coin as in life, a different face can suddenly appear: friend or foe; hope or despair; victim or empowered. Robert, a wheelchair-bound Iraq War vet, using his family's magnificent old Southern home for a greater good, soon discovers nefarious plots being made against his life and property.

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High Expectations

At the end of twenty years of incarceration, as the award for time served, a convict is sentenced to commit a crime. Karl, played by Alik Antselevich, is the forward motion in this intellectually inverted film that leaves behind an undeniable impression that will stay with the viewer for a long time to come.

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Donald (Tom Lawson) and Melvin (Danny Reid) are waiting against the odds for a liver donor. "Waiting" is a tale of people looking for hope. It takes a humorous look at the consequences of getting what you hope for. Exquisite cinematography by David Brower complements the sterile cold and human warmth of hospital life that unfolds. Expertly directed by Yuri Shapochka, the film subtly shows how one person's individual hopes are often intertwined with the hopes of others. The way life plays out is unexpected, like a game of chess.

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Six Blocks Wide

Filmed in Birmingham and starring Tonea Stewart (The Rosa Parks Story, A Time to Kill, Walker Texas Ranger) the short film, “Six Blocks Wide," takes on the difficult choices faced when the enemy holds all the cards…and the guns. The neighborhood is small, but it is where Faye was born and has lived all her life and where Gran has rocked in peace on her porch and kept the ravelled edges of the world from fraying. The only weapons left to Faye and Gran are wisdom, courage, and love.

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Ivan Goes Abroad

Take a map with you, Ivan, when you go abroad, but first figure out where you’re going. When Ivan, a Russian writer, goes abroad implausible adventures change his life. Although he sets out for Birmingham, England, Ivan winds up in Birmingham, Alabama. The hilarious encounters of a Russian in the South begin: Southern Gothic meets Russian Madness. Misadventures and heartfelt characters are found in abundance in this surprising, warm and unpredictable story.

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The Little Theater

Directed by Yuri Shapochka and lensed by cinematographer David Brower, features Celeste Laborde, Edwin Booth, Bernadette Chapman and Robert Hill. It is a darkly humorous short film based on a classical short story by Anton Chekhov. Never published in English, “Entrepreneur Under the Sofa” has been brought into the modern day in this film adaptation, and while not viewed through the social mores of the nineteenth century, maintains it’s provocative nature.

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Game Shop

A suicidal salesman of a video game store is lost in between the imaginary world of video games and the reality. He tries to escape from the technology nightmare to find his love and freedom. "Game Shop" showcases a vision of quivering characters and surreal music in a shadowy, self-contained dream world. Directed by Yuri Shapochka. Cinematography by Dan Goldfarb. Starring Alik Antselevich and Natasha Reshetnikova.

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