Film Production

We build a unique team for every project we produce, drawing from the most talented pool of writers, directors, cinematographers, actors and other specialists to meet each client’s specific needs with a tailor-made creative solution. When we take on a project we handle it from end to end: developing the right creative to catch the attention of the desired audience and delivering key messages with impact.


We develop integrated, film & video marketing campaigns that cross the traditional boundaries of other production agencies. Shape Films is results-driven film and video production company, offering creative video advertising campaigns, full location filming services, content strategy consultancy & social video seeding. We consult companies to market their businesses and build reputation and confidence amongst end users.

Post Production

Today’s production environment is more complex and challenging than ever and paradigms have indeed shifted. Post now begins on-set and every decision or action can affect team members in all departments. We can help you navigate through the myriad of formats, frame rates, codecs, hardware, software and multiple deliverables to achieve optimal workflow solutions for your project.


Shape Films offers a whole range of digital motion graphics and animation styles, from traditional to state of the art techniques, both in creativity and approach. An open and friendly environment helps nurture an extremely productive relationship with our clients and has made a significant contribution to a number of highly acclaimed, award-winning projects.

Our Awards