High Expectations

Put yourself in Karl Malnek's shoes (no laces if you please) and imagine being thrown into prison for a crime you didn't commit and now, 20 years later, you're finally released only to be sent to the trial you never had. Don't think the crazy train stops there, because not only is your judge blind and the prosecutor is your only defense, but your very own public attorneys - who are, respectively, deaf and mute - are the ones pointing the finger of accusation at you.

Confused? Well, you're in good company with Karl, who, after his wrongful incarceration, has been given the opportunity to commit the crime he never did. If you're going to be convicted of robbery, why not get the spoils - right? High Expectations, Shapochka's farce of the U.S. judicial system is full of offbeat humor guaranteed to entertain and leave audiences feeling just as confounded as poor Karl.


  • Best Feature Award Winner at the Intendence Film Festival
  • Platinum Remi Award Winner - 40th Annual WorldFest Houston
  • Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor at LJCC Film Festival
  • Official Selection of DigiFestival, Florence, Italy
  • The Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner
  • Honorable Mention The Accolade Film Award
  • Official Selection of The Maryland Film Festival
  • Official Selection of Around The Coyote Festival, Chicago
  • Official Selection of LA Shorts Fest
  • Official Selection of Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival
  • Official Selection of The International SURGE Film Festival

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This dark and clever film shows justice finally being served. A prisoner finishes out his 20-year sentence, only to wind up in court to stand trial for robbery of a jewelry store and the murder of the security guard. It's a Wonderland kind of world, as his court-appointed attorneys (one deaf, one mute) vigorous proclaim his guilt. What would become of this dazed man, caught in his own Kafka-esque trap?

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