Six Blocks Wide / In the Media


The red carpet was rolled out in Birmingham Thursday night for the premiere of a film shot here in the Magic City. The producer says the film has a message that could help reduce crime. FOX6 News Reporter Sherea Harris has more on the story. The film "Six Blocks Wide," was presented at Carver Theater. "Six Blocks Wide," directed by Yuri Shapochka, and written by local author Teresa K. Thorne, was filmed in Birmingham, in Norwood Garden. The film features an entirely black cast in the story of an inner-city community's struggle against a cruel drug lord. The community's matriarch, "Gran," has decided to fight against the violence her extended family faces. The story, based on Thorne's own experiences as a Birmingham patrol officer, intertwines beauty and heartbreak in a torn community. The work is a compelling look at violence, courage and community.