• Director:
    Yuri Shapochka
  • Cinematography:
    David Brower
  • Cast:
    Steven Ross, Talia Pepke,
    Mike Putman, Russ Hobbie,
    Todd Ponder, Tanner McCracken
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Powerful mob boss Don Bontate finds out his wife and brother are having an affair, and plants the seeds of justice and vengeance. If you reap what you sow, Supper is where you eat it. Starring Steven Ross, Talia Pepke, Mike Putman, Russ Hobbie, Todd Ponder, and Tanner McCracken. Directed by Yuri Shapochka, Cinematography by David Brower.

Supper explores traditional Italian cooking with a hint of adultery, a pinch of betrayal and a dash of revenge. With a course of dark comedy creeping in at its edges, this film plays with the concept of getting ones "just desserts". With a focus on retribution and playing with power, it's thrilling to see who's left raising a toast at the end.


  • Mountain of Laughs Comedy Fest
  • The Red Shed Film Festival in Rockport
  • Västerås Film Festival, Sweden
  • Intendence Film Festival
  • Jahorina Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Miami Independent Film Festival
  • The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival
  • Ouarzazate International Film Festival, Morocco
  • Chhatrapati Film Festival, India

Behind the Scenes

Production Story

Talia Pepke says she thought the script was intriguing: “I fell in love with this script the moment I started reading it, before I even got to where my character was introduced. Yuri has such a talent for storytelling. After I finished reading I said to myself, "I have to do this part!”. I’d been feeling that creative itch artists get sometimes, my birthday was approaching (a symmetry with the character of Rosalia), and everything seemed to fall into place. It just felt right. Also, pasta really is one of my favorite dishes so it was difficult to pass that up.”

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